What is VAIO Update?

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Please read all information thoroughly before installing any files.

What is VAIO Update?

VAIO Update provides you with important product-related information and easy access to updates for VAIO applications and drivers, which are recommended to help keep your VAIO computer running efficiently.

This program only provides updates for bundled hardware and software. To update Windows operating system files, please use Windows Update.
VAIO Update comes installed on VAIO computers pre-installed with Windows XP or Vista, and those that were shipped after June 2004. It is NOT available for older models.


Some general remarks

  • Downloaded update files are saved on your hard disk in the C:\Update folder.
  • Some update files are very large. It is recommended that you make sure there is enough available space on the C:\ drive before downloading the file(s).
  • When Automatic Updates are installed, the downloaded files are automatically deleted as part of the process. Files that you download for Manual Updates will remain in the C:\Update directory. Once a Manual Update has been successfully installed, you can delete the downloaded files.
  • It is currently not possible to hide updates from this list without installing them. If you do not want to install specific updates, you should not select them. They will remain visible in the list so that they can be installed in case you ever need them.
  • If you stop or cancel the download process before completion, the process cannot be resumed from the point of cancellation. It must be started over from the beginning.
  • When using VAIO Update, ActiveX and JavaScript controls must be set to active in the Internet Properties. In default condition, these controls are active. If you need to make sure, go to Control Panel - Internet Options - Security - set to Medium and click Apply - OK.


Accessing VAIO Update

can be done in the following way:

  • Click Start from the Windows Taskbar. Point to All Programs, and then click VAIO Update 3.
  • Click the Welcome to VAIO Update taskbar popup.

The VAIO Update Screen

The VAIO update screen is divided into two main sections: Important Information and Update Programs.

Important Information

Support News provides articles designed to help you keep your VAIO computer operating properly, such as general compatibility and connectivity information, etc.
Virus Alerts & Security News presents critical bulletins and messages, such as late, undocumented product changes, critical fixes, compatibility issues, and other types of vital product-related information from Sony VAIO Support.


Update Programs

Each time you open VAIO Update, it checks the available file list and then scans your computer to determine if there are any VAIO application or driver updates available that have not yet been installed. Available updates are then listed in the Update Programs section.

Before using the Update Programs section, please note the following:

  • You must close all other active programs.
  • Do not start any other program during the update process.
  • Carefully follow all on-screen instructions
  • While installing updates, we recommend to use your notebook on AC power.
  • It is not possible to hide updates you do not need. VAIO Update is designed to always show all available updates for your system.

The Update Programs section is divided into two areas: Automatic Updates and Manual Updates.
Below these sections, you will find a link to updates which have already been installed, and a description of the icons.

Automatic Updates
To start, select the updates you wish to install, and then click the Update Now button.
The selected updates will be downloaded and automatically installed on your computer.
During this process, please follow any on-screen instructions that may appear.

Manual Updates
To start, click to select the updates you wish to install, and then click the Update Now button.
The VAIO Update program will download the selected update file(s) to the following location on your computer: C:\update\[update file name].
Once the files are downloaded, the icon in VAIO Update will change to . If you click on this icon, Windows Explorer will open and show the installer file.

To view installation instructions for each update, click the name of the update in the VAIO Update page. Please follow these to install the update on your computer.

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